Moving to connect with your happy soul!

Let´s practice in Gold Coast South (Australia) or online!

Namaste, I am Iasmim.

Yoga came to me in 2018. It touched me so deeply! I felt amazed at that home feeling in my body. So many answers I had been looking around, I finally found in this peaceful inner practice. At the time, I was living in Brazil, graduated in International Business and working compulsively.

But the inside journey led to changes in various aspects of my life. I moved overseas and left my career in business to follow my dreams. On the Gold Coast (Australia), I studied a 600h course on Yoga Philosophy and Principles of Practice, followed by the 200h Yoga Teacher Training that I completed in 2021.

Since then, I have been teaching community classes in the Coolangatta (QLD) area, Private Classes in my home-based studio, and Online Classes for people from abroad. My purpose is to share the light of Yoga with you through a joyful and mindful practice.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

What “Alma” means

“Alma” means Soul in Portuguese and Spanish. The Soul is our true essence, and the Yoga practice is a personal experience in which we peel our layers to invite the Soul to flow through our bodies.

For what it is

Alma Flows Yoga practices are designed to deliver you what you really need to heal and nourish your body and mind.

What I do

 I offer small or personalised classes, working with Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breath exercise) and meditation.

My style

My classes are based in Hatha Yoga style, inspired by the teachings of the great Yogi Krishnamacharya, and bringing elements of Yin and Vinyasa Yoga as well, according to your needs.

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Price list

Community Classes

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Group session

Coolangatta beach area

AUS $ 0,- to 5,-

Corporate Yoga

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Group session


Price upon request

Small Group Classes

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Group session


AUS $ 100,-

(per class)

Private Yoga Class/online

Single session


AUS $ 40,-

Private Yoga Class/online

4 classes package


AUS $ 140,-

(AUS $ 35,-/session)

Private Yoga Class/in person

Single session

My homestudio in Coolangatta 

AUS $ 65,-

Private Yoga Class/in person

4 classes package

My homestudio in Coolangatta 

AUS $ 220,-

(AUS $ 55,-/session)


I am pleased about your request!

Who are the classes for?

— Literally to everyone!

Anybody can breathe

There is a quote from a Yogi Master saying “Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga.”, and that is so true!

The main goals

Yoga is not only about flexibility or doing difficult handstands, the main goal is to bring peace and simplicity to the mind, freeing it from distraction, distress and negative feelings.



Consequently you will also notice the benefits in your body, such as improved blood and lymph circulation, increased mobility, reduced back pain, strengthened muscles, and so many others.


So whether your goal is to improve your physical health or to calm the mind, we will work together to move towards it.


“Doing Yoga on the beach feels like a holiday to me every time! It’s exactly what I need and look forward to after a hard day at work.”


“My online classes were unique! Iasmim explained the exercises in detail in a very sympathetic way so that I could do them without any effort. I was surprised how effective online classes can be.”


“Iasmim is a very sensitive and patient yoga teacher. She always takes the time to support us students. ” F